Monday, October 20, 2008

Red Sox: Part 2

So the shirt did turn out to be good luck that night! The Red Sox won. (Too bad it didn't work last night) We watched the game with our friends Dan and Tara in Hooper. Well, mostly the boys watched the game, Tara and I made hair bows and talked (which I must say was more fun). We had such dedicated fans all in their Red Sox attire, we had to get pictures. Tara and I made the Red Sox blankets for our husbands for Christmas a few years ago. I think that Reese has gotten bigger than Bricey!


Jill said...

Hey guys! It's been awhile. This is Jill (Reynolds) Whitesides. I came across your blog on the internet and thought I'd say hello. I hope all is going great for you guys. Your little one is adorable!

Brett, Debbie, Taylor, Brylie and Haylee said...

Hey Lauren, Im making my blog private so I need an email address from you so I can invite you in. Thanks

Ashley and Paul Giddings said...

Love the new family picture! We're back in Utah now...we need to plan something and get together again! Soon... I know Paul would love it..and me too of course!