Friday, December 19, 2008


Have you ever wondered what 22 pounds of spaghetti noodles would look like in your fridge? Well here you go. We had our ward Christmas party on the 17th, which Barrett was in charge of. We've been preparing for it for a while now. I should have taken a picture of the about 40 empty presents I wrapped in my living room for decorations. We were going to divide the spaghetti up between the committee members to cook, but the night before the party my dear husband told them that he would just cook it all the next morning. Well you can guess who got to do it. That would be me! What a process!

The party turned out really well. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the decorations and all the people, but we were busy. Last year at the party they had about 80 or 90 people. This year we had about 140 or 150! We had to set up extra tables. Luckily we had enough food. There was a live band, which was really fun, and Santa came. I sat Reese on his lap and she didn't even cry, she just gazed up at him. And that was the moment my camera broke. I couldn't believe it. (The lens is jammed and won't open or close. I'm very upset.) Luckily my friend Laura was right there with her camera and took some pictures of her smiling and looking up at Santa.

Early Christmas

We had Christmas with the Batchelders two days after Thanksgiving. So we had already decorated for Christmas, listened to lots of Christmas music, and opened presents before December even started!Our Christmas tree

This is the annual looking through the doorway Christmas morning picture. We look a little cheesy, but Barrett's family always had this picture taken growing up before they could go into the living room to see what Santa brought them.

Reese has already been spoiled with lots of presents this Christmas! It was so fun to see her try to open this first present.

We bought these Christmas pajamas for Reese last Christmas before she was even born!

Every year of his life, Barrett has received at least one Christmas ornament from his parents, and sometimes he got them from grandparents too. So he has a whole box full of ornaments he has gotten throughout his life. He now has his own small Christmas tree to put all of his ornaments on. We still receive ornaments every year from Barrett's parents. These are this year's.
I'm posting these pictures for you Sherry so you can see what pictures we put in them!

The fam on our "Christmas morning"

This is at the Sims family Christmas party. Brittny was our team reindeer in the reindeer game.

Reese and Taylor

All of the "reindeer"

The Batchelder family. Reese was obviously not happy!

The Sims family

Grandpa and Nana come to visit

The lights in downtown Ogden.

Reese with Grandpa and Nana

Reese and Aunt Brittny

Waiting for Nana and Grandpa to arrive at the airport. We had told them that only Barrett was going to be there to pick them up, and then the four of us were there to surprise them!

Getting all bundled up to go for a walk.

Playing with Brittny and Grandpa.

We were able to have Barrett's parents here from New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. This is only the second time they were able to see Reese so it was really fun for them to spend time with her and see how much she has changed. We went on walks, shopped, went out to eat, went to the Christmas lights in Ogden, had Thanksgiving, then had Christmas two days later.