Monday, October 20, 2008

Red Sox: Part 2

So the shirt did turn out to be good luck that night! The Red Sox won. (Too bad it didn't work last night) We watched the game with our friends Dan and Tara in Hooper. Well, mostly the boys watched the game, Tara and I made hair bows and talked (which I must say was more fun). We had such dedicated fans all in their Red Sox attire, we had to get pictures. Tara and I made the Red Sox blankets for our husbands for Christmas a few years ago. I think that Reese has gotten bigger than Bricey!

You're invited to a party

I was going to post pictures of what I've been making for the past week, but I realized that I'm going to give them as gifts to my mom and mom-in-law, who both look at the blog, so I guess I won't post any pictures or tell you what it is. My sister-in-law Brittny and I saw these things at a boutique we went to, and decided to make them for ourselves and give them as Christmas gifts. Then Brittny's friend Morgan invited us to sell them at a party she is having, so we made 15 more this week. Anyone who wants to come is invited to the party, it's just kind of far away (it's in Liberty-about 30 min away from Ogden). Other things that are being sold (besides our secret item that I can't talk about) are:

At Home America (home decor)
Cookie Lee Jewelry
Miche Purses
Mary Kay
Caramel apples
Thursday, October 23rd
6:30 p.m. Open House
5627 N. 3100 E. Liberty, UT
Go up 12th street canyon (Ogden Canyon). Turn left to go over Pineview Dam. Turn left at the Maverick & Valley Market. Go 3 miles, turn left at the stop sign, then take the first right. House is on the left, look for the balloon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Go Red Sox!!

This post is for my Daddy, Uncle Wade and dad's friend Dan. I had to wear this shirt today so the Red Sox will have good luck when they play tonight. I hope they win! Either way, I look stinkin cute!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My baby is getting older...

My baby is 6 months old today. I never imagined 6 months ago what it would be like to have a child. It is the best and scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I never thought I could love her this much. I was just looking at her sleeping in her crib a few minutes ago and thinking how much I love her and how I just want what's best for her, but I don't know if I do what's best for her... Anyway, she is so fun and is getting the cutest little personality. I love when she smiles and laughs, it's the best. It's so fun to see the new things that she does and learns, and I'm excited for each new step along the way as she grows up. I love you my sweet girl!