Friday, January 30, 2009

How Big...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Reese Pot Pie

For some reason, Reese pot pie is one of Reese's nicknames. Kind of funny. But I thought it was a fitting title for this post because I have all sorts of pictures of Reese that aren't really from a certain occasion, just here and there I've been taking a lot of pictures and I'm going to post lots of them all at once, just a warning that this will be really long. (I have a camera again, thank goodness, but I get a little carried away sometimes)

We had Reese's 9 month Dr. appointment a week ago (even though she's almost 10 months, I got behind in our appointments by forgetting one once) and she weighs 20 lbs 7 oz! Big girl! Her weight is in the 70%, she was 29 inches long (85%) and her head was in the 90%! So I guess she is tall and has a big head! I've never really thought of her as having a big head before (minus those cheeks) but I guess I was wrong. She sleeps at least 12 hours these days, sometimes more, which is great. She takes two naps, sometimes three if her afternoon nap wasn't long enough and she can't make it until bed time.

Here is what Reese has been up to in the last month. Her mode of transportation is rolling. (Still no crawling. I know when she does and I'm chasing her around all day I'll be thankful that she waited so long, but for now it seems like all the other babies her age are already crawling and almost walking!) She's gotten really good at rolling around everywhere and getting where she wants to go. She rolls to drawers and gets into them occasionally. She loved to roll under the Christmas tree and play (I moved the bulbs at the bottom that she could reach). She likes to roll under my console table in the living room.

Posing in her cowgirl shirt. Had to post this for Kellie!

She loves to empty things -drawers, baskets, her diaper bag. I admit I let her empty the DVD drawer just to keep her entertained!
She now has her own toy basket in the living room that she can empty. She gets a little ponytail in her hair now!
She likes to stand up in her crib or on the couch, but she doesn't pull herself up yet, we stand her up.
She likes to stand with her back to the couch too.
She loves to eat basically anything we give her. Mostly she eats the normal things -baby food, rice cereal and oatmeal. She loves Cheerios, Kix, graham crackers, and bananas. Sometimes she eats bread or toast too. Barrett tries to sneak in some ice cream, whip cream, chocolate, or things of that sort occasionally, which I don't appreciate, but he still does it. I've been trying to get her to drink out of a sippy cup, but she doesn't like it. I don't know what I'm going to do about that. Yeah I usually put a bib on.
Check out those teeth! She has two teeth on the bottom.
For a couple months now she has been doing this thing where she tilts her head back, smiles really big and squints her eyes. I think she knows it's funny and does it to show off. I love her regular smiles too, and her cute laugh.

Love those pretty blue eyes.

She jabbers constantly, mostly says dadadada, but all sorts of other made up words too. She waves, sometimes on command. She points at things a lot. She'll dance when she hears music -she bobs her head to the side and twists back and forth and puts her arms up. For some reason she likes when we sing her that Beyonce song that says "if you like it then you should've put a ring on it" For what reason we started singing her that dumb song, I don't know, but she likes dancing to it. She hates her hands being touched, always has. She will grab onto my hand when I'm feeding her, but it has to be her choice. She loves books and gets all excited and starts to breathe faster when we read to her. She likes to play peek a boo. When I tell her to give me kisses she will lean her face into mine and just breathe on me, it's so cute. (I could go on, but this is already really long, sorry, probably boring for everone else!) I just love that little girl! What a joy she has been in our lives, I feel so blessed to be her mom.

Reese clapping

Reese loves to clap these days! She likes to clap our hands too. I tried to get her to clap a couple times but she would only clap my hand, then one day she just started clapping! A few days later I was watching Oprah and she was doing her show in a big auditorium because it was the day before the inauguration. Reese saw all of the people clapping on TV and she clapped when they did-it was cute. It's so fun to watch her learn to do new things. Now if only she would learn to crawl...(No she still isn't crawling and she's almost 10 months old!) I took this video last week.


I've been making these blocks for the past few months now. My sister-in-law and I made them for a party and then other people kept buying them from me, and I made some for Christmas presents. I've made some that said Noel, Love, Home, etc. as well. I just wanted to post this picture because I thought the paper on this one was so cute! Now if I could only get some made for myself!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowmobile party!

We had the annual Hudgens family Christmas party in Heber this year. It was an eat soup/snowmobile/sled/eat some more/bingo party. These pictures were from my cousin's camera (which I wish was mine because it's nice :)

This is my cousin's daughter Ava. She is more than a year old and Reese is about as tall as she is! And Reese definitely weighs more.

Reese with Aunt Krista.

Ava's sister Ashlyn.

This is my mom. Isn't she beautiful?

After everyone got there and we all ate soup, it was off to the sled hill and snowmobile trail. We tied sleds to the back of the snowmobiles and pulled them down the trail.

That is Barrett in the very back with the black goggles.
This is Krista and I in the back sled. Nobody told us that we needed to wear goggles or something on our faces. We had snow and freezing cold wind blowing in our faces the whole time, we couldn't even open our eyes to see where we were going, but I guess that just made it more exciting and scary! We had two sleds on that time, and the back one gets even more snow and gets whipped around even more. We had icicles coming off our faces when we were done, but we laughed the whole time.
This is me on the sled hill.
My hottie husband.
Kellie (Jade in the background)
Russ looking cool just before falling into a snowbank :)
My dad, Russ, Jade, Nick
Crazy Ryan. This hill was straight down.

After sledding and eating more food, we all played Bingo.
Some of the Bingo players.
There were many wonderful prizes to be won in this Bingo game, such as this beauty.


This was when my camera broke, so these pictures are from my friend Laura. Reese wasn't scared of Santa at all, mostly just curious. She kept staring up at him and his beard.

This is my fam at my parent's house in Heber. We were all there for Christmas Eve so we got a picture. My camera was still broken for Christmas so I had to steal all of these pictures from my mom and sister. It was so fun to be able to spend the night at my parent's house on Christmas eve, and celebrate Christmas with them. We were able to spend three days there after Christmas too. It went by way too fast!

Reese and Kellie in their Christmas pajamas! Christmas morning.Reese had fun playing with the Wii controller covers and the bat, tennis racquet, etc.

My sister Kellie posted these pictures on her blog and I thought they were funny. They were seriously taken about 1 second apart. I guess she's moody already? She's wearing her cute cowboy boots!