Monday, October 6, 2008

Go Red Sox!!

This post is for my Daddy, Uncle Wade and dad's friend Dan. I had to wear this shirt today so the Red Sox will have good luck when they play tonight. I hope they win! Either way, I look stinkin cute!


The Romer Family said...

What a cutie! Yes, I still have the same e-mail...sarahann113 AT hotmail DOT com Let me know what you've been up to. I love e-mails!

Tara said...

I agree, she does look stinkin' cute. Dan would agree that anything Red Sox is cute though. It seemed to work, Bricey and her will have to put on their red sox attire for every game.

Brett, Debbie and Taylor said...

Reese is getting so big. She's Cute. This is the first time I've seen her in pants...since we only see you on sundays. Hope all is well. See you soon.