Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Kalina

On our way to Bear Lake last weekend we stopped in Logan to see our friends Veneita and Bryan and their new baby Kalina. Well Bryan wasn't there, but we saw the one we came to see! Kalina was two weeks old. She was so cute and small. I felt like it was hard to hold her she was so little! They say that your own baby doesn't look big until you get them next to a newborn, and that was definitely the case! It was so hard to believe that Reese was actually that small once. She looked so big next to Kalina.

Reese didn't know what to think about this crying little baby next to her. She didn't make a sound, her eyes just got really big.


Paul & Ashley Giddings said...

Lauren!! Great taste...Brooklynn has the same outfit as Reese. As for the size thing...that's the way I felt when we first met Reese..she made Brooklynn look so big and it was hard to believe that Brooklynn was once that same size. They grow up so fast don't they?

Allreds said...

Reese is so stinkin cute, and I love all the pictures of her and Bricey. Your Family picture is such a good picture. I love the Orange dresses, We should get together again with the 3 april babies, I really need a girls ngiht or day what ever. I'll talk to Tara. Check out my blog Eden is getting bigger, she's still small for being almost 4 months, she looks about 2 months. She's my little sweetie.