Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Halloween

I realize that it's too late to be talking about Halloween, but that's the story of my life, I'm always a little behind! I'm terrible at posting things on the blog, it's always at the end of my list, and never ends up getting done. Anyway, I still wanted to post some pictures, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on seeing mine and Barrett's halloween costumes. We never dress up, so it's a rare occasion that we did this year. We actually did more for Halloween this year than we ever do. First, Barrett got us tickets to go see Thriller! It's a halloween dance theater show. I've wanted to go to it for a few years, but we never have. One day out of the blue, Barrett decided that he wanted to take me to it, so he bought the tickets and took me on a date! What a fun show! I love to watch dancing, so I thought it was great. And it was so good for Barrett and I to go out and do something together. We don't do that often enough. Thanks Bear!

Then came the Sims Family Halloween Party! We had so much fun celebrating with the Sims. EVERYONE dressed up, we ate pizza, decorated cookies, and played games. This is Stan and Connie playing the secret prize game. They had three boxes on the counter and they would show a prize (such as this lovely Happy Halloween banner) and each person could either choose the prize they show, or choose one from behind one of the three boxes. It was so fun! The kids thought it was the best thing, and the adults probably had just as much fun. The prizes were probably the funniest part. Most of them were hand-me-down halloween decorations and Connie announced before the game that everyone HAD to take their prize out of the house with them when they left. Thanks Sims family!

Reese and Aunt Brittny

All of the Sims kids at the party.
Of course I had to show off our little bumble bee! I made the tutu, which was so fun and easy to make!

Then we had the Ward Halloween party. Barrett is the activities supervisor, so he was in charge of the party. I am not even on the committee, but I am involved by default I guess, and boy are we glad it's over! It went really well though. Everyone dressed up, including the adults, we had a trunk-or-treat in the parking lot first, then everyone came in and ate taco soup for dinner, we had a fish pond, cake walk, and pumpkin decorating. We don't have any pictures of it because I was too involved in taco soup. All I remember is taco soup, I didn't hardly look up from the taco soup. We had such a good turnout, we love our ward! Now we have the Christmas party to "look forward to".
And now, ta-da! the Mexican wrestlers! (Barrett and Lauren) When we were in Mexico a couple years ago, Barrett wanted these masks for his souvineer. So we decided to make them our Halloween costumes this year. I made the capes and little underwear things the night before we wore them. Barrett made our belts and his boots. Embarrassing. But it was actually pretty fun!

We put them on again on Halloween and went to Shopko to show Wade. He didn't want to be seen with us. Weird.


April said...

those are the best costumes ever. Love it. And good job on making everything. They look great.