Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been making these blocks for the past few months now. My sister-in-law and I made them for a party and then other people kept buying them from me, and I made some for Christmas presents. I've made some that said Noel, Love, Home, etc. as well. I just wanted to post this picture because I thought the paper on this one was so cute! Now if I could only get some made for myself!


Boualay said...

Lauren, I like them! I can see why you haven't had the time to make a set for yourself - maybe in the summer when the demand is low :) Should we call you "Lauren the Builder."

April said...

OH my gosh, girly, get selling those right now. I will be the first customer. I need winter snow stuff. Seriously, love it. Can I put in an order for snow and love? Let me know, How much? if not no biggy, but I am serious.