Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowmobile party!

We had the annual Hudgens family Christmas party in Heber this year. It was an eat soup/snowmobile/sled/eat some more/bingo party. These pictures were from my cousin's camera (which I wish was mine because it's nice :)

This is my cousin's daughter Ava. She is more than a year old and Reese is about as tall as she is! And Reese definitely weighs more.

Reese with Aunt Krista.

Ava's sister Ashlyn.

This is my mom. Isn't she beautiful?

After everyone got there and we all ate soup, it was off to the sled hill and snowmobile trail. We tied sleds to the back of the snowmobiles and pulled them down the trail.

That is Barrett in the very back with the black goggles.
This is Krista and I in the back sled. Nobody told us that we needed to wear goggles or something on our faces. We had snow and freezing cold wind blowing in our faces the whole time, we couldn't even open our eyes to see where we were going, but I guess that just made it more exciting and scary! We had two sleds on that time, and the back one gets even more snow and gets whipped around even more. We had icicles coming off our faces when we were done, but we laughed the whole time.
This is me on the sled hill.
My hottie husband.
Kellie (Jade in the background)
Russ looking cool just before falling into a snowbank :)
My dad, Russ, Jade, Nick
Crazy Ryan. This hill was straight down.

After sledding and eating more food, we all played Bingo.
Some of the Bingo players.
There were many wonderful prizes to be won in this Bingo game, such as this beauty.


Jennifer and Griff said...

Hey!! You don't know me but I am Heath's sister. Reese is so stinkin' cute. Heath and Kellie are so proud of her! Kellie is always showing me new pictures of her. She is a doll :)