Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sorry it's wrapped up, but you can still see it. This was for my friend Boualay. She wanted me to do her last name. It was definitely the longest word I've done by far! (There are the same amount of letters in my last name!) I loved how it turned out. The paper was so pretty, I wish you could see it as well in pictures as in real life.


Andrea Barney said...

OK Laurie, I must admit I have been studying your blocks for some time now. I have about decided that I need to learn how to make me some. I was wondering how big are your blocks, where you get them and the lettering and how you glue it all together. I love them, especially the one you just did for you friend. Email me some time when you get a chance. P.S. Thanks for remembering my birthday.

April said...

Oh my gosh I can't wait to get the lucky one. Love it. Love it. So cute and perfect. And Boulays is so cute, I was worried when she asked for it because it was so long but i love it.

Boualay said...

Thank you again for my beautiful blocks. Milenko even said they are nice and I should give a set to his mother. Now that's a compliment from a guy whose mostly indifferent about a lot of things.