Saturday, May 9, 2009

Exciting times at the Batchelders

So lets see, what exciting things have been happening with us lately? Well Reese pooped in her bath for the first time tonight, that was a joy! No it wasn't that bad, I could tell she was a little nervous that she did it, so I couldn't be mad or anything.

The real excitement is that Reese is starting to walk! It is so exciting seeing her take steps on her own! We love it. My sister wrote me a message on facebook that she had heard she was walking and looked on the blog for some video, and there was no video to be found. Terrible, I know. For some reason I've barely even recorded any of it! What kind of a mother am I? I've been meaning to put a video on the blog, but just haven't gotten to it.

The other excitement of the day was this morning when Reese and I were looking outside through the screen door, I saw that a bird has built a nest in my wreath hanging on the door! And not only built a nest, but laid three eggs in it! You can't see it looking at the wreath from the outside, (it's under that big flower) it's nestled right up against the window on the door, so you can see right into the nest looking from the inside.

I don't know what to do! I haven't seen the bird at all today, I've been peeking at the nest periodically, so I don't know if she has abandoned it or if she's still around somewhere. I don't really want to have little baby birds making all sorts of noise at my front door (I've had that experience in another house, there was a nest above the back door in the rafters somewhere, and boy were they noisy), and I really don't want to have the mother bird dive bombing whoever comes to my front door to protect her babies (also a previous experience from the other house). I would feel bad for the mother actually, because she would always be scared that someone was attacking them. She really should have scoped out a more private location...

We got a new bike trailer! This was the first time trying it out around the house. I'm so excited to go on family bike rides. Reese seems to like it, as long as it stays moving. I was afraid she would be scared in it, because she is a little scaredy cat about a lot of things, but she did ok. She would not keep her helmet on though, I don't know what to do about that.


Michelle said...

Wow fun times! Reese is sure cute! Hmm crazy situation with the birds..let me know how that works out for ya....:) See you at work.

Tara said...

How fun. I want a jogging stroller or bike trailer to take Bricey in. I love those little steps. It's so cute when they are starting to walk. Bricey has been taking about 4 steps at a time but she tries to run and ends of diving into everything. And surprisingly, she has that same skirt!! I can't believe how much of the same clothing they have. You have great taste Mom.

Stefanie said...

Hooray! We have a bike trailer exactly like this, and I LOVE it. Except that I carry two little girls in mine - but it works great! And we have the same experience. They're happy as long as it's moving. Have lots of fun!