Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reese's birthday!

This is Reese's new big girl car seat! (Her main birthday gift from us -how exciting huh). We started using it a couple weeks before her birthday, and she loves being able to look around in it.

She got a birthday girl crown as one of her gifts. She wouldn't keep it on for more than two seconds of course, but it was cute. The necklace goes with it.
Of course she had to have her own little cake with lots of chocolate frosting on it to get as messy as possible. At first she just touched the very top of it and laughed like "you're really going to let me touch this?"
This picture is blurry, but her face was so funny-her eyes got really big as she pushed her hand all the way into the cake.
Birthday guests -my Mom, brother Jade, and sister Micall. My dad and brother Ryan were there, they just came late and I didn't get a picture of them. My sister Kellie and her boyfriend Heath
My sister Krista and Reese in her new swimming pool she got as one of her gifts.
Barrett's sister Brittny and brother Wade
Our friends Brett, Debbie and Taylor Sims. I was glad Reese got to have some little girls come to her party too, not just grown ups!
Our friends Paul, Ashley and Brooklynn Giddings. Brooklynn was so cute to help Reese walk around and she loved helping Reese with her presents! Okay I'm going to copy you Ashley. This picture was taken when Reese was only about 5 days old. (Too bad you can't really see her huh :)And so we had to take another one at the party now that the girls are so grown up!

Thanks everyone for the nice gifts and for sharing the day with us! We had so much fun and were glad you all could make it.

Reese had her one year appointment on Monday. She weighs 21 lb 12 oz (65%), 30 1/4 inches tall (85%) and her head is in the 85% as well. She is already in the 85th percentile for height and is still skeletally immature (her soft spot hasn't closed and she's a little behind with her teeth), so the doctor thinks she is going to be tall. She asked if we have tall people in our families, which we don't really, mostly average. I just thought that was interesting. I don't know if I believe her, but I guess we'll see.

Now if I could only get her to drink milk. She takes one little swallow and then pushes it away. If anyone has any suggestions please share!


Angela S said...

Cute blog! I'm glad I ran across it on FB - I love keeping up with everyone this way. Looks like you guys have been up to some fun things! Reese is such a cutie!!

I emailed an invite to our blog in case you want to keep up with us too...

Brett, Debbie and Taylor said...

I bet she is just loving the car seat. I still remember Taylors face the first few days she rode in hers. She just loved seeing everthing...

April said...

Lauren I can't believe she is a year, wow. I remember when you were pregnant with her. So fun, she is so cute.
And the milk thing? Have you tried putting some ovaltene in it? Its great! Who doesn't love choco milk and its got tons of vitamins and stuff. Try it. We love it at our house.

Stefanie said...

I bet she's not the only princess who would rather ditch the crown and just wear chocolate! :)